SECTOR 9 DEVELOPMENT GROUP, in correlation with Big Head Endian, is proud to announce the joint development of ALICE "Artificial Intelligence Advisor".

This highly automated solution dramatically improves operational awareness and incident response across complex physical environments for multifarious business applications worldwide.


Over the last several decades, AI  computing methods for automated perception, learning, understanding, and reasoning   have become commonplace in our lives. We plan trips using AI-reliant GPS systems to select the fastest or most fuel-efficient route to take. Our smartphones understand speech, and Siri, Cortana, and

Google Now receive constant updates that enable them to interpret our intentions. AI algorithms detect faces in the pictures taken with our smartphones, facial recognition technology automatically tags photos uploaded to Facebook with astounding accuracy. Internet search engines such as Google and Bing rely on a fabric of AI subsystems. On any day, AI provides hundreds of millions of people with  "intuitive" search results, traffic predictions, and custom tailored recommendations for books and movies. AI translates languages in real time and predictive AI speeds up computing functions by forecasting our operating commands. Several companies, such as Google, BMW, and Tesla, are developing cars that can drive themselves , either with partial human oversight or entirely autonomously.


Beyond these influences in daily life, AI techniques play a major role in science and medicine. AI Algorithms function in hospital settings to help physicians understand which patients stand at the highest risk for complications, and AI algorithms facilitate the automation of data mining through massive analytics databases. Such functions recently revealed subtle interactions between various medications which place patients at risk for serious side effects.


ALICE is an interactive AI software platform which wields innovative technology to enhance client safety, security, communication and operational efficiency. ALICE will provide SECTOR 9 DEVELOPMENT GROUP's select clients with a new level of customer interaction and communication, while ensuring market primacy via internet and ground-based strategic campaigns.