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Hybrid Reputation Management


Protecting key business assets requires an intensive focus on both employees and customers, the two most important driving forces behind any corporations success. In today’s multifarious business environment, providing effective biphasic asset protection is optimized by a triumvirate of accurate business intelligence, counterintelligence, and pro-active security compliance.


Our specialized hybrid asset protection and risk management programs provide superior protection while incorporating innovative strategies and processes that improve revenue results, strengthen internal and external communications in correlation with resolving business difficulties, keeping your business balanced and growing in a complex world.


The SENTINEL VTR Program is our latest hybrid reputation management program that is based on the implementation of extensive GCI (Gathering Competitive Intelligence) in correlation with conducting an in-depth SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, on multiple U.S. businesses competing within the fiercely competitive landscapes with the same strategic objective of securing total market dominance.


Corporations nationwide operate under the reality of our litigious environment. A corporate lawsuit is filed every three seconds in America. Many of these lawsuits are based on frivolous claims, and are brought only to harass and intimidate the defendant company and/or with the intent to destroy its brand reputation. Knowing this, it is prudent that companies protect their assets without compromise and with the latest asset protection services available provided by SECTOR 9 DEVELOPMENT GROUP.


Providing effective asset protection requires a comprehensive strategy to limit the risk of losing a company’s assets to creditors and predators. A sole proprietorship and general partnership offer no such protection. Asset protection involves utilizing limited liability entities, such as corporations (both S corporations and C corporations), LLCs and LPs, as well as certain types of trusts to minimize your personal exposure. As John D. Rockefeller said: “Own nothing and control everything.” When a plaintiff’s attorney is looking for individuals to sue, you want to remain low profile. If, during an asset search, your name does not show up as an owner, but rather your control is asserted through a mix of limited liability entities and trusts with privacy protections, personal liability may be reduced.



At SECTOR 9 DEVELOPMENT GROUP we are strategically partnered with some of the most successful law firms in the nation and with our vetted experience, have the ability to provide our select clients with world-class corporate asset protection services.

 We provide diverse security services that set us part from any other global entity operating within the same business sectors. We utilize our vetted experience combined with a dedicated extensive network of key strategic partners to deliver world-class business solutions and security services, aimed at driving long-term revenue and growth while mitigating financial risk.